“Jenny introduced me to the concept of river cruising and I really enjoyed my cruise in France. 
I travelled alone and that left me feeling a little uneasy but Jenny assured me that I wouldn’t be the only one and that the team on board would welcome me.
 The team on board were truly excellent and ship was clean and well-equipped.

The trip was designed to help me rest whilst enjoying cultural enrichment and it certainly delivered on both counts.
 Jenny and her team arranged everything so the trip was well organised and seamless.
I strongly recommend Jenny.”

HF November 2022

“We had a great experience with Jenny, and would highly recommend her to anyone.
She understood exactly what we wanted and was quick to answer our queries.”

JO January 2024

“As this is the first time that I have booked this river cruise, I needed all the help and support.
It’s very reassuring that Jenny has helped me and I appreciate all the advice.”
MP December 2023
“Thanks for arranging our river cruise Jenny!! You made it so easy and we really appreciated your advice and extensive knowledge.
It so helps when you have someone advising you with this level of expertise.”
TB January 2024

Amazing service, listened carefully to our requirements and answered any questions we had really quickly. Jenny was able to coordinate and link our booking with our friends booking so we can have an amazing time making family memories! Now we’ve booked, she has kept us up to date with our booking – can’t wait to see where she can help us in the future!

CW August 2023

We have not tried a river cruise before but we saw a programme with Jane McDonald and it looked amazing. Jenny talked to us about all the things we like to do on holiday and our favourite places. She came up with some ideas and answered all our questions. We chose the Danube because we enjoy city breaks but have never been to Vienna, Budapest or Bratislava. The tours sound great too.
It was very helpful to have someone to talk. Thank you so much Jenny.
JR January 2023

I love Jenny’s website and found it really inspiring. The video transports you to another place and I was amazed to see that you can cruise the Amazon and Mekong rivers too. They are now definitely on my bucket list!

HK January 2023
Jenny organised a Rhine River Cruise for us with Riviera Holidays. This was a 8 day trip on the SS Emily Bronte travelling from Cologne to Basle. The benefit of using Travel Counsellors is that Jenny managed of all the negotiations for us, including paper work and form filling. She was easy to contact both by sms and email and quickly sorted out any query we had. Holidaying has become more complicate post Covid and it was good to have someone take over the responsibility. Thank you Jenny.
C S May 2023
We wanted to complete a river cruise down the Danube. Jenny expertly guided us through the process of choosing a company, a cabin and our extensions in Prague and Budapest at the beginning and end of our cruise.
We had a fabulous time with Scenic on the beautiful ship Scenic Amber. Nothing was too much trouble for the wonderful staff and the food was exceptional. We enjoyed the high quality of the excursions with local guides and the local entertainment.
Thanks so much Jenny for making the booking experience so smooth and easy, it was good to have your inside knowledge and guidance in what turned out to be a fabulous holiday.
S M June 2023

Jenny organised a river cruise for my mother and step-father last year and I cannot say enough how blown away they were my her knowledge, experience and understanding.
She made the whole process of choosing their trip slightly limited by specific needs easy and enjoyable.
Unfortunately they had to cancel but Jenny even ensured that was stress free and with no fuss or drama.

They are hoping to re-book again soon and I would totally recommend anyone who is considering a river cruise contacts Jenny. She is brilliant!

A N July 2023

Booking a River Cruise with Jenny was a hassle-free pleasure. Our Avalon cruise along the Rhine was an absolute delight. The rooms in particular are stunning and the pace all very relaxed. Wonderful staff and service.
R L August 2023

Jenny was very good at helping me decide on the best river cruise for my first experience. She looked at options for me and communicated with the cruise company to make sure I got a good deal. I expect to be using her services again soon.

C J October 2023

River cruising is something I never thought I would want to do. I’ve always liked to visit places spontaneously, and I also suffer from motion sickness as well. However, after speaking with Jenny, who really listened to my concerns and understood my love for history, she recommended that I take a river cruise down the Rhine. She assured me that I would see at least 40 historic castles along the way. Putting my worries aside and listening to Jenny’s advice turned out to be the best decision. I enjoyed every minute of the experience and am so grateful for her guidance. Thank you once again for such an incredible recommendation!

MO April 2024

We wanted to go on a river cruise in France and Jenny came up with a few options for us to review. She took the time to understand what we were looking for, what was important to us and our budget. Once we had booked it, she was available for advice, questions and support. Definitely we will use Jenny again for ideas, advice and booking a holiday.

JW May 2024