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I’m delighted to be a regular columnist for Sail Away magazine, writing a range of river cruise content from ship reviews to tips about river cruise itineraries.

My first part time job was in WHSmith where I spent hours restocking shelves and admiring the colourful displays of books and glossy magazines. My fourteen-year-old self, reluctantly writing essays and preferring science and maths, would have been surprised and delighted to know that I would have articles published in a magazine that will be on sale in WHSmith.

The initiative of cruise industry experts and writers, Dan and Jay, Sail Away magazine has provided a vehicle for a wide range of cruise enthusiasts, bloggers, and writers to come together and share their passion and knowledge. The result is an absorbing collection of stories, interviews, reviews, and experiences. Additionally, each edition features interviews, for example, a recent conversation with the amazing Captain Kate McCue, skipper of Celebrity Beyond.

Dan and Jay have combined their expertise and love of cruising to create a magazine that entertains and inspires their readers. On a mission to give back to the natural world, Sail Away also promotes marine conservation with their partnership with Orca.


Orca is a registered charity with a mission to conserve and protect whale and dolphin populations and their habitats. They collect evidence and data which means that they can make insightful reports and recommendations.

Orca receives a donation for every magazine sold.

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