10 reasons to try a river cruise

dining on a river cruise

1. A room with an ever-changing view

One of the reasons so many people love river cruise is the view outside your window, or from the deck. Not only have you always got a view (which many hotels charge extra for), it’s also always changing. You can open the sliding doors and settle down with a good book and watch the world go by. I love siting on deck with a drink, relaxing and taking it all in.

Room with a view

2. A holiday where you can relax and explore

Something that’s unique about river cruises is that while offering the opportunity to unwind and watch the world go by, they also offer you the chance to visit many different historic cities and towns along the way. Each day is a new adventure.

3. It’s like a floating boutique hotel

One of the best things about a river cruise holiday is the ship. With most of them carrying around 120 passengers it makes it a very intimate experience. With each ship having about 50 staff on board, you get fantastic and very friendly service as well. It never feels crowded. The ships all have great facilities and often have an outdoor swimming pool, spa facilities and a gym, as well as bikes to use in port.

4. You only have to unpack once

Usually if you want to see more than one European city on a trip you have to keep re-packing your bags. Checking-in, checking-out. Getting on and off a coach or train. It’s not enjoyable, it takes precious time out of your holiday and it’s tiring. When you’re on a river cruise, you unpack once and then all your time is your own to relax and enjoy yourself.

5. Immerse Yourself In The Culture

There is nothing better than a river cruise for really getting an in depth feel for a region. Not only do you call at lots of ports and see lots of sites, but the delicious cuisine of the region is also brought on board. The chefs use local produce in their cooking and aim to reflect the region in their menu. Local wines are often paired with meals. Most river cruise lines also bring on board local speakers and local entertainers to really get you feeling part of the local culture.

6. Be In The Heart Of The Action

River cruise ships are relatively small compared to ocean ships, so when you’re in a city, you really will be ‘in’ the city. River cruise ships will tend to dock in the centre, so you can be right in the heart of things. You can go on organised tours or you can wander off and explore the city on your own.

Vukovar Croatia

7. All inclusive

The major extra cost when you’re on holiday is usually food and drink, so it’s very reassuring to know that all your on-board meals are included. Many of the river cruise lines also include return flights, transfers, excursions, complimentary drinks, tips, Wi-Fi and much more too, representing great value.

Room service

8. The World Is Your Oyster, Ostra, Auster, Huître, Mahar, Con Hàu…

As well as many European rivers, including – the Rhine, Moselle, Douro, Danube, Rhone and Seine, you can also take a river cruise further afield. The Amazon in Brazil, the Yangtze and Li rivers of China, the Nile through Egypt or Mekong in Vietnam. Steamboats also cruise several rivers in the USA including the Mississippi and Columbia. The great cities of the world have always been built on rivers, so river cruising is always an excellent way to travel and see the world.

9. There is something for everyone

From amazing five-star luxury to three-star river cruise ships, there are a wide range of options to choose from. Various cabin choices are available too, including spacious suites with full height glass doors flooding light into the room. Some rooms have twin balconies, both a French and outside balcony so that you can enjoy the ever-changing scenery however you want to. Whether you want a quieter more adult feel or a family feel, there are different ships to fit the bill.

Relaxing on the balcony

10. If You Don’t like Flying, Take A River Cruise (No-Fly Options)

Having a relaxing experience is important when it comes to river cruise holidays and this includes getting to the ship as well as the holiday itself. If you don’t like flying or the stress of waiting around in the airport, don’t worry. For some itineraries, you can travel to the embarkation point via train with all transfers arrangements made for you.

I absolutely love river cruise myself and would love others to discover it too.

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Jenny Cookman